Artists are benefitting from high frequency art trading on the blockchain with secondary sales also earning them commission, in a market worth $23 billion dollars in 2021.

"Collectors invest in artists who mint their provenance."

Each sovereign artist confidently left the shores of Web2.0 in 2021 to ride the waves of Web3.0 and secure their artistic future in the hope of arriving at a new, more equitable land. Inside 'Minted' are generative artists, illustrators, photographers and more artists who are now getting paid for their creativity in Ethereum money instead of magic Insta 'Likes.'

By reading this book you will be:

  • introduced to the range of minted creativity possible on the blockchain.
  • confident in collecting from artists pioneering the NFT art form.
  • inspired to mint your own art collection or simply enjoy the stories behind the art.


MintFace established a world-first trademark licensing system, protected by AI, for software companies exporting globally. MintFace believes many of the next 10,000 artists who take control of their artistic sovereignty will have their lives transformed by the 'commission for life' art movement, as smart contracts and blockchain are transforming the earning potential of artists in front of our eyes.

MintFace enjoys playing on the edge of business, creativity and technology and is one of the leading voices on how digitisation is set to transform our lives beginning with NFT art marketplaces such as SuperRare, Foundation, ArtBlocks, OpenSea, Rarible, Kalamint, LooksRare and FXHash.

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The first ever book about artists who minted their creativity on the blockchain in 2021.

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