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Minted Book Questions

1. Why is MintFace launching the Minted book?

To celebrate almost 100 artists minting their provenance in book format to introduce normies in to NFTs through a beautiful book of amazingly talented artists.

2. What is the price of the Minted book?

0.1 eth for the limited edition hardcover (2 physical copies)
0.03 eth for the digital edition (1 digital copies)

3. How can I purchase a Minted book?

a) Mint a copy on paying with eth.

b) Purchase a copy on OpenSea on the secondary market with eth.

4. Can NFTs be returned and buyers refunded after purchasing?

No they cannot ser. You can of course sell your Minted hardcover NFT Deed if you are not planning on redeeming the hardcover. The buyer of the NFT Deed can redeem.

๐Ÿ’ Alpha: You can also onsell the digital edition once you've finished reading it.

5. How many can I buy?

You can buy up to 6 Minted NFT Deed redeemable for 12 copies of the Minted hardcover NFT. Total NFT supply 690.

You can buy as many copies of the Minted digital edition as you like. Total supply 6,900.

6. Are the NFTs redeemable for a physical book in my country?

Yes there are. Books ship worldwide. Delivery costs are pre-paid for you. Any import duties are paid by the recipient.

7. What can I do with my Minted book NFTs?

The Minted hardcover NFT is redeemable for a physical book. You can decide to:

a) Use the NFT to redeem the physical book.
b) Keep the NFT and redeem for the physical book up to 6 months later.
c) Gift the NFT to someone else to have the option of redeeming for the physical book.

8. Where do I redeem my NFT?

When redemption period opens, collectors can redeem their NFTs here

9. Who is featured in the Minted book?

84 artists including illustrators, photographers, coders and conceptual artists. View their work.

10. What art genres are in the Minted book?

The art genres for Minted are intentionally broad to allow for a natural evolution of artist style and voice. View generative artists, 1/1s, nature art, lens-based art and portraiture genres.

11. Can I meet the artists in the Minted book?

Yes, you will be invited to join the MintFace Discord group with the featured artists.

12. How do NFTs help artists in the Minted book?

We are distributing over 80% of the Minted ebook NFT royalties to the artists who contributed their art to the book. That's the power of decentralisation.

Not enough money from traditional book sales go back to the creators. We are changing that.

Questions About NFTs

13. What are NFTs?

They're a cool digital store of value that is powering the new economy.

14. What is the blockchain?

It's a way of storing digital assets secured by really hard to solve mathematical problems that take a ton of computing power.

15. Wen moon?

Ser we are here for the art and the Minted book is a work of art. If you are looking to trade the Minted book NFTs that is ok too. There are two ways to participate:

  1. Minted book hardcovers have a max supply of 690. Most will be redeemed for the physical. Any remaining Minted NFTs not redeemed within 12 months will likely be rare.
  2. Minted book digital editions have a max supply of 6,900. They are both a souvenir of the year that minted digital art took off. Any collector is likley to retain their copy as a reference guide for the 84 artists featured.

In either case, one NFT gets you almost 200 pages of beautiful art to enjoy.

16. What is a โ€˜walletโ€™?

A wallet is a place to store your digital currency. Everyone round here uses MetaMask because it's a simple Chrome plugin. Go get yours from Metamask.

17. What is โ€˜mintingโ€™?

Minting is the process of creating a digital asset. Once minted, it exists as a token on the blockchain. Mint as bro.

18. What are โ€˜gasโ€™ fees?

Gas fees are what we pay the miners to solve the math to secure our assets on the blockchain. No one likes to pay them...but they are very necessary to keep our NFTs safe. 

You can view the latest gas price on Etherscan and if it's over 150 gwei... you might wanna wait a bit.

19. What makes an NFT different from other kinds of books?


  1. You get to buy and sell the NFT which helps decide the true value of all the art in the book.
  2. You help return a very high percentage of royalties back to the artists featured. 
  3. 84% of the Minted digital book royalties go back to the artist.

20. How can I pay for my NFTs?

You are going to need eth if you want the Minted hardcover NFT or Minted digital edition NFT.

If eth is too hard, that's ok. You can pick up a Minted softcover book on Amazon they way you usually would.

21. How can I get eth?

You can get the Rainbow wallet for your iPhone and fund it through your Apple Store setup. 

You can setup an account on Coinbase or Binance exchange and fund from your credit card. It's easier than it sounds.

22. How can I protect my NFTs?

If you've got less than $1k of NFTs and eth, you're ok with a Metamask wallet

When you go over that amount, get a hardware wallet from Ledger or Trezor.

23. What is the primary market?

The primary market is the first time an NFT is minted at the price set by the Minted creators.

24. What is the secondary market?

The secondary market is where frens get to buy and sell an NFT at prices that suits both parties. It can go crazy sometimes ๐Ÿš€ We're not expecting that with Minted, after's just a book right?

25. What about the envirooooment?

NFTs aren't directly bad for the environment in the same way as airplanes emitting carbon dioxide...but we recognise they require enormous amounts of power to solve complex math.

Over time, more of the power for NFTs will likely come from renewables, for example here in New Zealand up to 90% of our power comes from hydro. 

Now.. you should probably ask about all the paper used for the books. FSC is a green source safe supply of timber for the paper and the bulk of the copies are digital. Hope that helps. 

26. What is a smart contract?

A program that can automatically execute an agreement (contract) between a buyer and seller when the right conditions are met. This process happens on the blockchain.

Note: They are not the same as the IRL contracts that you're used to and are not necessarily legally enforceable. 

Questions About Books & Artist Royalties

26. What are the Minted book ISBN numbers?

We thought you'd never ask.

Minted Hardcover: 978-0-473-60817-0
Minted Softcover: 978-0-473-60816-3
Kindle: 978-0-473-61588-8

27. How are artist book royalties distributed?

Artists who own a 1X, 2X or 4X Minted NFT as at 30th November 2021 are eligible for artist royalties. These rights are non-transferrable.

Royalties are collected to the mintedbook.eth address. View on Etherscan.

Royalties will be distributed once a quarter to artists who own the NFT for a period of 12 months. A potential total of 4 payments will be made.

28. When will royalties be distributed?

Royalties will be distributed when greater than 0.5 eth per artist or they will be rolled up for a distribution payment in the next quarter.

29. What do Minted collectors who supported the project receive?

Minted collectors who helped make the book possible also receive royalites at the same rate as artists. These rights are non-transferrable.

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