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Mr. Jon Kane

"I develop an image not only from lens light and raw data, but a scanner in my brain—fragments and signals transposed to a screen, a painting of memory and light." Mr. Jon Kane.

Jan 31, 2022
2 min read
Nature Art
Ceylon Mystic by mrjonkane
At dawn I walked from the old tea planters bungalow in the high mountains of Sri Lanka (once named Ceylon). The air was chill and mist crept through the valley as rays of sun chased it back to dark corners of the jungle. The silence was pierced by eerie shrill wails and intense drumming carried down…
Genesis Ceylon by mrjonkane
I‘ll forever be haunted by the hills of Sri Lanka at dawn as the sun rose through the mist and the sound of chanting and drums from a distant temple undulated down the valley. Unlockable content available containing video pan of the image with audio recorded in the valley that morning and the haun…
Unearthed by mrjonkane
From my ongoing series ‘Painted Light’ crafting magical realism from memories and lens based light in which each image is forged from a process designed to dive into raw sensory data and extract out untapped emotive energy. The work seeks to merge memory and light while intentionally pulling apart d…