🧠 Smart Contract

The smart contract was created on the Manifold creator platform chosen for its high quality code base and high end support. Manifold enables artists, book authors and Web3.0 creators to mint their provenance on-chain.

Minted book smart contract benefits include:

  • mint and redeem physical book  functionality
  • mint and redeem ebook functionality
  • no third party contracts, random token ID or generic identity
Contract address: 0x10c4E41Be66cf083507cD9ADa45FB4f4f70BEd89

Smart Contract Name: Minted
Symbol: MINTED
Token Type: ERC-1155

6,900x Minted eBook NFT Token #1 on OpenSea
690x Minted NFT Deed Token #2 on OpenSea

Royalites and sales go to mintedbook.eth held as treasury by mintface.eth on behalf of Minted book participants, including artists and collectors. Distributions to be made after 30 days of the mint window closing.


The first ever book about artists who minted their creativity on the blockchain in 2021.

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